In the mid ‘900, Bartolomeo Coppola and his wife Milena opened a small confectionery workshop in Milan, dreaming of making a difference in this sector. Travelling around Italy and meeting bakers belonging to the local communities, they understand the different needs of bakeries and of ice-cream parlours.

So, Bartolomeo Coppola created some unique semi-finished products that simplify the manufacturing process but assuring the flavor of the tradition… The company becomes well known all over the country.
After a few years, Dulcistar moves the headquarters to Piazzale Lugano (Milan) because they need more space to expand.
The founder was able to pass on to his family some important values that still belong to the company: the passion for the Italian bakery tradition, the love for the quality and the importance of caring for the customer, being versatile with his needs.
After his death, the new generation hold onto these values, also understanding the importance of the confectionery market worldwide, and the need to continuously modernize the production of technology but always ensuring that the traditions are preserved.
Antonella Coppola and Giacomo Beretta then started to collaborate with different partners all over the world Expaning their distribution to more than 30 countries worldwide.
This is how the Dulcistar products were able to obtain such widespread success, thanks to these strong and enduring partnerships, working side by side to realize projects for all the different realities.
And the story continues…




and experience

Advanced technology
Dulcistar is where innovation and experience coexist in synergy.
Dulcistar has always invested in advanced production technologies and in continuous staff training that allows for continuous product innovation and technical and commercial professionalism.

Research & development
Dulcistar collaborates with pastry chefs, chemists, nutritionists, technologists and mechanical engineers to create leading products.
Over the years Dulcistar has built up strong relationships with the suppliers that ensure an excellent quality in the selection of raw materials.


Let’s create togheter
One of our strong points is flexibility.
With the word “flexibility” we mean the ability to adjust our proposals starting from your needs.
Dulcistar has always cooperated with Italian and foreign commercial partners in order to develop customized projects.
Dulcistar provides a wide range of personalized products for food industries that supply to large retailers.
Our experience, our skills, stat of the art systems are the foundations for the growth of companies all over the world.
Product customization, elasticity in quantity and personalized packaging are what make your project unique.


Made in Italy
Quality is as important to us as it is to you.
That’s why we guarantee high quality standards for the raw materials that we select to create all our products. They’re all of Italian origin and our production process takes place exclusively in Italy.
Dulcistar pays particular attention to the quality and safety of the entire production cycle which is guarnteed by meeting the international certifications.