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Sugar decorations

A delightful and imaginative range of sugar-based products; coloured using either artificial or natural colourings. They can be used to decorate any type of cold cake or pastry, ice-cream or frozen dessert, exercising the creativity of the pastry-cook or ice-cream chef.


Attractive, bright, whole sugar strands add a decorative touch to pastry-making. Also available in the “Arlecchino” (Harlequin) version and in seven colours: red, green, yellow, chocolate, pink, blue, white.  Packaging: 1 /25 kg bag. Also available in natural colors.
Also available in natural colours.

Hundreds and thousands

A delightful mixture of brightly-coloured sugar balls, providing attractive decorations for pastries or ice-creams. Also available in natural colours.
Pack: 1 kg. bag or 25 kg bag.

Red pearls

Red gelatine pearls, size 12/14, for decorating frozen desserts and tea-time pastries. Retain their original colour and taste even after cooking.
Pack: 3 kg. bucket

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