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Dried-fruit decorations and pastes

This line is created from carefully selected and toasted hazelnuts, peeled almonds, pistachios, peanuts and even puffed rice, adding a touch of class to cakes, pastries, tartlets, “barchette” (boat-shaped pastries), praline and chocolate fillings, desserts, cream fillings, frozen desserts, ice-creams and frozen cakes. 

Special whole fruit, in the form of pieces or powder, or sugar-coated and crunchy, give added value to the creations of the expert ice-cream chef or pastry-cook.

Puffed rice

Sugar-coated puffed rice: a crunchy alternative for use in decorations and chocolate cream fillings.
Pack: 4 kg. box.


Amaretto granules, with a characteristic slightly bitter taste.
Excellent in pastries and desserts.
Pack: 5 kg. box.


Little amaretti biscuits, just 1 cm. in diameter, ideal for adding a decorative finish to pastries and desserts.
Pack: 2 kg box.

Chopped Hazelnuts

Toasted hazelnut pieces, packaged in vacuum packs to preserve their freshness.  
Pack: 1 kg vacuum pack.

Crunchy HAZELNUT or PISTACHIO “cremino” (fudge)

Whole toasted hazelnuts

Whole hazelnuts, carefully selected and toasted, then vacuum-packed to preserve their aroma and taste. Ideal for the production of nougat, crunchy sweets, chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, praline truffles, and for decorative use.
Packaging: 1 kg vacuum pack.

Sugar-coated hazelnuts

Ideal for all forms of decoration, and especially with frozen desserts or in fillings.
They lend a touch a flavour and crunchiness to any type of pastry or ice-cream.
Pack: 1- kg. bucket.

Chopped Peanuts

Peanut granules, toasted and vacuum-packed to preserve their aroma and taste
Pack: 1 kg. vacuum pack.

Natural chopped pistachios

Natural pistachio granules, suitable for all kinds of decorative use in the making of pastries or ice-creams.
Pack: 1 kg. vacuum pack.

Whole shelled pistachios

Natural pistachios for all types of decorative use in pastry or ice-cream making.
Pack: 1 kg. vacuum pack.

Desiccated coconut

Top-quality desiccated coconut, to combine with chocolate in preparing imaginative confections, and for use in biscuit-making and in fillings.
Packaging: 10 kg pack.


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