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Our product lines

A wide assortment to meet every need

  • A very fine line of excellent quality chocolates produced with skill, advanced technology and select cocoa from a variety of sources to create chocolate specialties with excellent aroma and taste. The chocolates are excellent used as coatings, for making pralines, etc.

  • A wide range of chocolate substitutes suitable for every professional need. The line also consists of products free of hydrogenated fats in addition to standard products with refined hydrogenated vegetable fats. All are practical to use because they do not require tempering. The Substitutes line ...

  • Wide range of creams palm free to be used before and post cooking.

  • An extraordinary line of creams of remarkable quality to meet the needs of the most refined craftsmen but also confectionary workshops and industries that need quality products at competitive prices. The creams are excellent for use in fillings before and after baking, in filling pralines and cakes, in covering finished...

  • For cake designers with imagination, creativity and skill, the innovative Cake Design line of products provides everything necessary for the creation of monumental cakes, anniversary cakes, cake pops, candy on a stick, decorative subjects with the aid of silicone forms and moulds or creations exclusively formed by his manual...