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Sweet and savoury mixtures

A range of mixes for perfect oven-baked products. They are highly versatile and practical, and ensure quicker and better results. Sponge cakes, brioches, plum cakes and muffins, sweet and savoury croissants, mini-pizzas and vol-au-vents are just a few of the many essential products for banquets, buffets and other occasions.

Sponge cake mix

Powder mix for the very best Sponge Cake.
Packaging: 10/25 kg bag.


Practical powder mixture for high quality brioches, krapfens, croissants,
Danish pastries and doughnuts.
Packaging: 10/25 kg bag.

Recipe for croissants:
1000 g briomix
50 g yeast
410 g water
300 g puff-pastry margarine

Plum-cake and muffin mix

Powder mix for the perfect preparation of plum-cakes, muffins and breakfast pastries.
Packaging: 10 kg bag.

1 kg plum-cake mix
0.5 kg fresh whole eggs
0.5 kg margarine or melted butter

1 kg plum-cake mix


Baking product powder for the quick, high-quality preparation of coconut-flavoured tea biscuits. Quantities for tea biscuits: 1.25 kg coccomix, 0.3 kg water, lemon aroma to taste. Instructions: mix all the ingredients together in a planetary mixer for about 5 minutes. Shape pieces of the mixture with the bag. Bake at 200-210° for about 10-12 minutes. Packaging: 5 kg box.

Savoury mix

Mix for savoury pastries: Excellent for savoury croissants, vol-au-vents and savoury biscuits, mini-pizzas and tartlets.
Packaging: 10 kg bag.

Savoury croissants (Viennese chifels):

1000 g MIX
about 530 g WATER
50/60 g YEAST


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