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Pure chocolate

A very fine line of excellent quality chocolates produced with skill, advanced technology and select cocoa from a variety of sources to create chocolate specialties with excellent aroma and taste. The chocolates are excellent used as coatings, for making pralines, etc.


The cocoa butter content varies depending on the use:
1. coating large volumes and pralines SUBLIME DARK or MILK 32/34
2. coatings SUBLIME DARK, MILK or GIANDUIA 36/38
3. coatings for pouring in moulds SUBLIME DARK 40/42


Sublime dark 40/42 in chips

Cocoa total 67% cocoa butter 41%. Excellent coating of extra-dark chocolate made from
high-quality cocoa with a refined taste and excellent aroma for the production of plastic chocolate, creams, ganache, mousses, Bavarian creams, kisses, truffles, griottes and pralines.
Packaging: 6/10 box.

Dark Chocolate Taste: 500 g Sublime 36/38 or 40/42if you want it softer

Sublime dark 36/38 in chips and tablets

Total cocoa 55%cocoa butter 38%. Fine chocolate coating with a full, decisive flavour, made from high-quality cocoa, great for shaping chocolates or in addition to creams for filling, hot chocolate sauces and mousses, Bavarian creams, Black Forest cakes, graffioni and plastic chocolate.
Packaging: 6/10 kg in chips and 2.5 kg blocks.

Sublime milk 36/38 in chips

Cacao 38%, fine coating of excellent quality milk chocolate. Smooth, intense taste of cocoa and whole milk. Excellent for the production of pralines, chocolate creams, Rocher chocolate with chopped hazelnuts or Risella, mousses, Bavarian creams and plastic chocolate.
Packaging: 10 kg box in chips.

Sublime gianduia 36/38 in pani

Total cocoa 55%, cocoa butter (cocoa butter) 38%.
EXTRAORDINARY COATING OF GIANDUIA FLAVOUR CHOCOLATE: excellent in making filled and empty pralines, forests, curls, gianduia mousses, truffles and Bavarian creams. Select hazelnuts 20%. Packaging: 2.5 kg in blocks.

Mignon sublime

Total cocoa 47%. Homogeneous chips 1100-1200/100 g dark chocolate of excellent quality. For cold decoration of Sicilian cannoli, zucotti and desserts in general and the filling of products before baking, such as biscuits, Venetian doves, panettone, croissants, muffins and plum cake.
Packaging: 6/10 kg box.

Sublime bianco 33/34 in gocce

Cocoa butter 20% minimum.
Fine coating of white chocolate with the delicate, sophisticated taste of milk. Excellent for the production of pralines, chocolate creams, truffles, mousses and Bavarian creams.
Packaging: 10 kg box.

Decorella dark, milk, ivory

Medium-sized flakes of excellent quality chocolate. Ideal for pastry shops and even ice cream parlours for every decorative use.
Packaging: 1 kg bag or 10 kg box.

Decorella coarse dark

Large chunks of excellent quality chocolate.
Ideal for making Stracciatella ice cream.
Packaging: 10 kg box.

Nirvana - dark, milk, ivory

Sprinkles of excellent quality widely appreciated in pastry shops and ice cream parlours for the decoration of frozen desserts, Bavarian creams, mousses, etc.
Packaging: 1 kg bag or 10 kg box.


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