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Gelatines and Glazes

An excellent range of gelatine and glaze products which lend brightness, freshness and colour to cake and ice-cream specialities. They are particularly designed for use on fruit desserts, tarts and petit-fours, and wafer-papers with fantasy motifs.


Gelatine for mirror glazing semi-frozen desserts, cakes, cheesecakes, ice-cream cakes, pastries, Bavarian creams, mousses, sponge desserts, and fruit ganache.


This clear-coloured gelatine with a delicate apricot flavour provides a uniform, transparent, shiny covering for fruit cakes and pastries.  The gelatine prevents air from filtering through, allowing the freshness of the underlying product to remain intact for longer. Instructions for use: Boil 1 kg of Verogel with.


More brightly coloured gelatine with apricot flavouring.
It has the same characteristics as Verogel and uses the same method of application, but remains thicker and creamier even at boiling point.
Packaging: 1/6/14 kg bucket.


Concentrated gelatine to provide an even, shiny covering on cakes and fruit tarts, and to help ensure better conservation.
Packaging: 1/6/14 kg bucket.
Instructions for use: Combine 1kg of NOVOGEL and 0.5 kg of water.
Bring to the boil, allow to cool, and then spread over the tart.

German animal gelatine

Available in sheets.
Ideal for Bavarian creams, frozen desserts, “panna cotta”, fruit jellies and cheesecakes.
Packaging: 1- kg box


Shiny, transparent gelatine with a delicate apricot flavour, ready to apply using an
electric sprayer.
Packaging: 12,5 kg bucket.

Brilgel Top

Practical liquid gelatine: shiny, transparent glass effect , particularly suitable on cakes of dried fruit . To spread cold with brush or spatula
Packaging: 1/6 kg.


Practical liquid gelatine: shiny, transparent and ready to use cold.
Can also be used as a binding agent between sponge cakes and wafer papers, which can then be glazed with Brilgel to enhance the decorative motif.
Packaging: 1/6 kg.


Attractive, sparkling gelatine, available in the following colours: Red, green, yellow, orange, pink, blue, chocolate brown, white and neutral. Its special consistency allows it to be used either as a continuous decorative thread or as an ornamental filling.
Packaging: 1/6 kg bucket.

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