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Cake Design

For cake designers with imagination, creativity and skill, the innovative Cake Design line of products provides everything necessary for the creation of monumental cakes, anniversary cakes, cake pops, candy on a stick, decorative subjects with the aid of silicone forms and moulds or creations exclusively formed by his manual dexterity. CAKE DESIGN products make each specialty a work of art.

Royal Paste

Sugar paste with a delicate almond - nougat flavour, mouldable and durable for covering monumental and anniversary cakes. Ideal also for usage with silicone molds. It’s full of cocoa butter and it is excellent for its flexibility, it doesn’t crack or ooze out moisture.

Lady Top

Sugar paste with a delicate white chocolte flavour, mouldable and durable for covering monumental and anniversary cakes.

Pizzi Design

Powder preparation made ​​from sugar for the realization of lace with silicone pad.
Packaging: bucket g. 300

Spread and decorate paste

A sugar paste with a delicate vanilla flavour, elastic, malleable and strong for covering monumental and anniversary cakes. It can be spread with a rolling pin or pasta machine to obtain the desired thinness, dusting it with powdered sugar or starch.

Pasta modelcrea

A combination of cocoa butter and white fondant sugar, with a pleasant vanilla flavour, that is particularly malleable, supple yet strong.

Plastic choc dark chocolate

Excellent plastic chocolate, extra-dark taste, ready for use, if you don’t want to prepare starting from chocolate Sublime dark 36/38 or 40/42 as explained in section Pure chocolate line.
Mouldable, versatile, moisture resistant and does not crack.

Plastic choc white chocolate

Excellent plastic chocolate with a white chocolate taste, ready to use.
It has the same characteristics and needs the same notes for the use explained for Plastic Choc Dark Chocolate.
Packaging: 1 and 3 kg bucket.

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